Solutions to Slippery Surfaces


Helping Prevent Slip & Fall Accidents

Sure Step Illinois is fully insured and take pride in helping companies provide a safer work environment for their employees and ensure customers have an excellent safe experience while at their establishment.

Our mission is to make the world a safer place one step at a time and eliminate the #1 cause of injury in the workplace and the 2nd leading cause of accidental deaths behind only auto accidents.

We provide non-slip treatments and coatings in a commercial setting as well in residential homes, especially in bathtubs, bathrooms, around pools, and on boats!

Sure Step IL specializes in reducing slip and fall accidents and helps eliminate injuries and liabilities. 

We assist businesses and homeowners in reducing the risk of accidents caused by wet and slippery surfaces with our non-slip treatments. 

How We Can Help You

Sure Step non-slip treatments are durable and long-lasting based on sound engineering principles, accompanied by science proven and tested formulation developed over many years. This can increase the DCOF by 200-400%. Slip and fall injuries are: 

  • The #1 OSHA violation
  • The #2 most common cause of lost workday accidents
  • Responsible for 800,00+ hospitalizations with head injuries every year
  • $50 Billion in medical costs each year

Expect Excellent Results

Sure Step will not change the appearance of the treated surface and no shut down time is required. After a Sure Step treatment, your floor is significantly safer. A Sure Step treatment will make floors safer for everyone. 


Ask Us About Non-Slip Floor Treatments

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